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You may be thinking how the health advantages of bee pollen can actually be proven. Those of us who live our lives daily relying in natural remedies and therapies have come to understand that the us government, displayed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), does not have desire to promote natural remedies to the suffering public. We could get into pharmaceutical politics concerning the reasons for this, but finally it boils down to profit.

Pharmaceutical companies recruit research and tests in order to prove that their drugs are better than competition. This research is then presented to the FDA in order that it can put its stamp of acceptance on the safety and performance of p. The pharmaceutical drug companies may not be able to profit from something that is as readily available to the public as bee cbd oil 

Look at it this way. In order to get pharmaceutical strength pain relief, you must travel to a doctor for a prescription for a narcotic pain killer like morphine. However, if you could head out in your backyard and “pick” morphine off of a bush, the doctor and the pharmaceutical drug companies would not advantage financially in any way. Of course, there are no morphine trees, however, you get the picture.

It is the like natural remedies like garlic, dandelion, and the subject of our discussion. Planting your own plants or increasing your own bees that provide you with healing medicine keeps the federal government from controlling your healthcare choices. They certainly don’t want to endorse these natural things because more people would start healing on their own. Doctors on the whole help energy this cycle because they get financial kick-backs from drug manufacturers for writing prescriptions and promoting certain drugs.

Modern medicine certainly has its place in our society. Where would we be without emergency room doctors and healthcare professionals when accidents occur? When a bone is damaged or a limb is severed, we need the help of trained medical professionals.

But as for proving the health benefits associated with bee pollen? Just ask the people who have recently been taking this supplement for months. Where science fails to recognize the value of this supplement, individuals have put their rely upon the natural things that do not cause the problems that man-made drugs have caused.


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